Vector Cartoon Of A Hipster Robbing An Aging Frat Guy At Gunpoint

Recently after a discussion about portable credit card readers used with smartphones, I had a sudden flash of inspiration: What if muggers started using them, and insisting that their victims pay by credit card? It would be very foolish to conduct such an unlawful act as a traceable transaction, but still the more I thought about it, a funny image came into view.

Who would perpetrate such a crime? An early-adopting member of hipster culture seemed to be a likely and humorous choice. What would a hipster mugger look like? He would probably disguise his identity using a scarf with the iconic handlebar mustache emblazoned on it (coming to a Pinterest board near you). And of course he would only use a vintage era pistol to “encourage” his victim. Speaking of which, the likely victim would be an aging frat guy “broseph” type, natural enemy of the hipster. If arrested, the suspect would likely plead “ironic”, and once in custody he would likely tell his cellmates that he was doing credit card muggings before they were cool.

Above is the resulting cartoon! If you like it and would like to use it, clicking the above image will take you to where it is available in vector and .jpg and vector formats at very reasonable prices!

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