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When I’m not working on new commissions and I have some time to spare, I try to submit work to microstock agencies. Microstock agencies sell royalty free licenses of your work to designers, directors, and other content creators. Of all the agencies I use, I would like to put a particularly bright spotlight on GL stock Images, formerly called Graphic Leftovers. It’s a great place to show and sell non-comissioned work to the public, and also a great place to sell your… well, graphic leftovers. 🙂

Fair trade… downloads?

I wish GL Stock would get more attention, because they are a “fair trade” microstock agency. This means that  they pay a 52% commission to their contributors, including extended licenses. So if buying buy fair trade coffee, clothing, or anything else is important to you, please consider also using a microstock agency that compensates its artists fairly. It would help us to continue to do, that voodoo, that we do, so WELLLLLL!

This agency has several of my images available already, such as the the cool looking robot at the top of this article. This Robot, by the way, was also accepted into the prestigious GL Collection, a collection within the main site for images worthy of special mention. If you would like to buy it, then click the image above,or to visit the main site, click this:


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