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  • Apr4

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    Here's JohnnyI am currently helping out a college buddy of mine with the completion of his master’s thesis. He worked at Sony Imageworks on the animated feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. For part of his thesis he wanted to demonstrate some of the technical animation techniques he used on Cloudy, but he no longer has access to any of the film’s digital assets. That’s where I come in. He is having me create several surfaced 3D models similar to those used in the film, so that he can run physics simulations on them. Thus, all of this cheeseburger’s components float eerily in Space, awaiting simulation. When the sim is run with proper parameters, the burger should plop together and sag with gravity. It will look more natural, delicious, and ready to be dropped on an unsuspecting town.

  • Mar30

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    Here's Johnny

    So, here is the completed illustration of the Firefighter from the post pervious. It’s a vector Illustration, fully editable, and if you’d like to buy it for a promotional activity for your own local Fire Department, you can do so here on iStock.

  • Mar2

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    A work in progress: This is the initial sketch of an illustration that I will sell on iStock. The inspiration for this one came while I was watching¬†The Shining. Three hapless flames are having a “here’s Johnny” moment with a menacing firefighter wielding an axe. It is meant to be a “rah rah siss boom bah” to the local fire department in your area of residence, and I hope it will sell well.