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  • Apr4

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    Cartoon Fox Family

    These are the cartoon versions of some real life friends of mine, actually surnamed “Fox”, and their overly affectionate feline, Gandalf the gray…cat. They currently endeavor to leave our soon to be dimmed presence to render ministry of the campus variety to the students of MTSU through the organization known as CRU, in darkest Tennessee, not far from an old stomping ground of mine, actually. I suggested a comic strip to garner support by telling their stories in an engaging way, by using the above avatars of themselves to take advantage of what Scott McCloud calls “the masking effect” (look it up, it’s legit, and it works wonders for the Penny Arcade guys). If you are so inclined, pop over to their blog and render unto them love and support!

  • Jul30

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    House on Mountain Evening Scene Thumbnail

    House on a Mountain: Evening Scene

    The image above is what I hope will be the first among many attempts at creating landscapes and/or environments by me. It will be sold as a vector clip art stock illustration, and it has already been accepted at a few microstock sites (click the image to go to one). Most of my freelance requests come from clients who want figurative/character-based t-shirt designs. This results in my drawing lots of “mascots floating in space”. Nothing wrong with that, I love doing it, but I recently realized that I am very much out of practice with creating the environments that these characters might “live in”. I also came to realize that this would severely limit me in some upcoming projects I want to get started on. Read More | Comments

  • Jun28

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    Gl stock images giant yellow robot

    This image is based on a very old sketch of mine. I’m finding microstock websites a good way to make old or unused work profitable, as well a way to get my illustrations in front of more eyeballs, perhaps leading to commissioned custom work.
    If you are solely interested in vector (infinitely scalable) stock illustrations, I also recommend toonvectors.com. They offer a very fair royalty to their contributors, and good prices for buyers. Check them out!

  • Jun9

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    Gl stock images giant yellow robot

    When I’m not working on new commissions and I have some time to spare, I try to submit work to microstock agencies. Microstock agencies sell royalty free licenses of your work to designers, directors, and other content creators. Of all the agencies I use, I would like to put a particularly bright spotlight on GL stock Images, formerly called Graphic Leftovers. It’s a great place to show and sell non-comissioned work to the public, and also a great place to sell your… well, graphic leftovers. 🙂

    Fair trade… downloads?

    I wish GL Stock would get more attention, because they are a “fair trade” microstock agency. This means that  they pay a 52% commission to their contributors, including extended licenses. So if buying buy fair trade coffee, clothing, or anything else is important to you, please consider also using a microstock agency that compensates its artists fairly. It would help us to continue to do, that voodoo, that we do, so WELLLLLL!

    This agency has several of my images available already, such as the the cool looking robot at the top of this article. This Robot, by the way, was also accepted into the prestigious GL Collection, a collection within the main site for images worthy of special mention. If you would like to buy it, then click the image above,or to visit the main site, click this:


  • May16

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    Vector Cartoon Of A Hipster Robbing An Aging Frat Guy At Gunpoint

    Recently after a discussion about portable credit card readers used with smartphones, I had a sudden flash of inspiration: What if muggers started using them, and insisting that their victims pay by credit card? It would be very foolish to conduct such an unlawful act as a traceable transaction, but still the more I thought about it, a funny image came into view.

    Who would perpetrate such a crime? An early-adopting member of hipster culture seemed to be a likely and humorous choice. What would a hipster mugger look like? He would probably disguise his identity using a scarf with the iconic handlebar mustache emblazoned on it (coming to a Pinterest board near you). And of course he would only use a vintage era pistol to “encourage” his victim. Speaking of which, the likely victim would be an aging frat guy “broseph” type, natural enemy of the hipster. If arrested, the suspect would likely plead “ironic”, and once in custody he would likely tell his cellmates that he was doing credit card muggings before they were cool.

    Above is the resulting cartoon! If you like it and would like to use it, clicking the above image will take you to graphicleftovers.com where it is available in vector and .jpg and vector formats at very reasonable prices!

  • Jan5

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    Cover illustration for a kid's adventure novel about wizards

    A client/friend of mine is working on a kid’s adventure novel about wizards and an alternate universe. He contracted me to illustrate the cover. I used Corel Painter with very basic settings to do the job. I’m in the process of developing a new personal style, and I hope this project goes a little way towards accomplishing that goal.

  • Jul14

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    Robot Mascot created for a computer service company

    Did I mention that I’ve been working with an (almost) full time contract client? I don’t usually blog-post images I create in my “day job” working for Rival Art, 1) because there are so many of them, and b) I barely get to spend any time on them. but in this case, I spent a LOT of time making this robot for a very discriminating client (he had me changing the rivets to hex-bolts at one point). At any rate, since I spent a lot of time making it look right, I thought I would post it here as an example of what I can do with such subjects. Click above to see the rest (from the waist down). For more of a daily log of my work with RA, check out my Twitter feed, which you can see on the right side of this page!

  • Jan8

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    Illustration of a flying pig with a jet pack.

    This was a fun little illustration that I did with the intent of selling on iStock as a raster image. Raster images are sold under the “image” category on iStock which until recently I had thought was only for photographs. I’d like to get into raster illustrations on iStock because I can crank them out more quickly than I can create vector illustrations. I need a couple more illustrations to apply to this category. I created the illustration beginning with a sketch using Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, an app I bought for my ipod touch. I finished the final illustration using Corel Painter 12 and my Wacom Cintiq. Painter is new to me and I am in the process of getting used to its features.

    I hope this image will sell well because it visualizes the abstract concept of unlikelihood, and images that deal with abstract concepts are supposed to be in demand. It will be interesting to test this hypothesis. Like the Penguin Tank, this illustration was inspired by a conversation with my friend Carrie Walker several months ago. I’m just now getting around to finishing it. Thanks, Carrie!

  • Oct28

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    “…and let lose then penguins of war!”
    Did you every have one of those wonderful, silly conversations with someone, where you combine two ideas, and get, well… something like this? Carrie Walker, you are an inspiration.

    This was doodled on a Cintiq monitor, using Photoshop.

  • May6

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    Gold Chrome Bug Heads

    So I recently had this interesting request. A relative of a friend of mine is an airbrush hobbyist. That’s right, using a real airbrush. The usage of this tool is to be greatly respected, as it is an arcane and delicate art, taking years to master. It was once the only way to accomplish certain graphic effects that computer users now take for granted. It occurred to me that I actually have one of these locked away, an old Paasche VL that I haven’t touched in over a decade. I originally bought it with the idea of airbrushing t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts. Please don’t laugh. Every mall and amusement park had an airbrush booth once. So, this gentleman was unsure of his technique for rendering chrome objects, and wanted me to model a chunk of objects that he had designed for a painting, and render them in CG with a chrome shader…for reference. I was actually doing CG pre-viz for an analog airbrushing project. I’ll wait a second for the irony to sink in.
    All that aside, it gave me the opportunity to further explore a CG effect that quite frankly I just haven’t had much call to mess with, despite the old chestnut that it is: the chrome surface. Since the target was an airbrushed object, I didn’t resort to my old trick of using a photographic reflection/environment map. I wanted the reflection to be featureless, save for the boundary between ground and sky. It took longer than I thought to get it right, but I’m happy with the result.